A New Way of Working

We support projects that alleviate human afflictions and world sufferings by directing resources to the under-privileged. They combat the world’s major unresolved problems and chronic issues by using breakthrough ideas and strategies. Our Founder, Master Del Pe and our team have identified several world problems and human weaknesses to be resolved differently from existing efforts.

These include:

Quality of Life Improvement

There are not many effective solutions that heal diseases from their energetic, emotional and mental roots and causes. The rate at which diseases such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, circulatory disorders, infections, pain of various kinds, sickle cell anemia etc. are causing deterioration in the human body and affecting the quality life of sick people is higher than the speed of recovery that the current solutions are delivering. Energy healing science taught en masse across countries will make a large impact and empower rural communities to put dignity back to their consciousness.

MDP Foundation Solution and Strategy:
wellLIFE Program: Anti-Disease Programs

Human conflicting nature, aggressive behavior and disharmony:
Is it world peace that we want or is it right human relations inspired by goodwill and understanding the principles of “unity through diversity” and “harmony though contrast“? Past traumas, bad memories of human abuse and being victimized are being experienced by humanity at large. New books with new enlightened principles and faster psychotherapy strategies are needed to bring up to speed the fight against violence,conflict and aggression. Understanding the 8 types of humans will pave the way to the proper design of conflict resolution and crisis management methods even for the United Nations and governments.

MDP Foundation Solution and Strategy:
harmonyLIFE Program: Anti-Violence and Anti-Conflict Programs and harmonyLIFE Centers.

Laziness and Lack of Purpose Syndrome (LLPS) kills quality of life and productivity in both rich and poor. At present these human disorders are unidentified by governments, scientists and psychologists. Often they are misinterpreted as depression or apathy, violence and suicidal tendencies. The MDP Foundation classifies them as social diseases that are contagious among families or through constant interactions. We have successfully helped people with LLPS using several effective methods combining Energy Healing Science, Martial Arts-Yoga Science and coaching strategies.

MDP Foundation Solution and Strategy:
goodLIFE Program: Anti-Laziness Programs

Vices and negative habits: Smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, pornography, sexual vices, etc. bring loss of health and money. These global social disorders also destroy en mass human intelligence, degrade human dignity and annihilate humanity’s evolution. Our solutions to have Anti-Vice Centers under the cleanLIFE Program have intervened effectively.

MDP Foundation Solution and Strategy:
cleanLIFE Program: Anti-Vice Programs

The projects listed below utilize the vast, untapped potential of human power and talent along with breakthrough ideas and strategies. They include:

  • World talentSHARE and World wisdomBANK (TSWB): Many talented people have much to give back to life and many highly experienced retirees fade away fast without contributing back their wisdom for community service. Talents pooled from both these groups can be banked and delivered for charitable services. Former senior executives, now retired can become consultants and advisers to many social projects. This project also includes “productivity for the elderly” thus aiming to help older, talented people live a more meaningful and useful life by sharing their skills and wisdom for charitable community level projects and world service.
  • Youth Empowerment Project (YEP): This special program trains and mentors the youth to live a better life of balance, world service and universal values. It includes the missing aspects of traditional education and parenting by including leadership training and community development projects, team building, project management, volunteerism, social entrepreneurship, new life skills to combat social ills and vices. Young people from different walks of life are trained to serve the community. They are assigned coaches and life mentors, especially volunteers from the talentSHARE and wisdomBANK

Poverty Consciousness and Low Human Dignity: Poverty is not only about lack of money. It is a limiting consciousness that even affects wealthy people resulting in hoarding, excessive frugality, greed and a controlling nature. It is an energetically contagious transfer of lower types of habits and consciousness that downgrades the ability to think bigger, farther and aspire for greater end results. It is also connected to Laziness and Lack of Purpose Syndrome (LLPS). It can trigger criminality, violence, and suffering. A few cultures are more affected with it, especially those that were victims of war and human struggle. Behaviors such as these can be remedied under this program.

MDP Foundation Solution and Strategy:
enrichedLIFE Program: Anti-Poverty Consciousness Programs

Whole-Earth Care (WEC): This program unfolds new and ancient principles and wisdom on the energy anatomy and spiritual psychology of the Earth Being and its constitution. It also teaches care and respect for the earth, not only its physical and visible aspects and its human concerns, but also the invisible and subtle components of the planet such as the interdependence between the different kingdoms. True planetary ecological science includes the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and divine dimensions of whole-earth care.

MDP Foundation Solution and Strategy:
Whole-Earth Care (WEC) Program: Care for the Planet and Ecosystem

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