Youth Empowerment

A breakthrough program that empowers young people to maximize their potential and live their greatest life!

Program rationale:

To stimulate the maximum potential in children and youth by training them in life-skills, developing their intelligences and virtues.

Target Population

Children and Youth

What We Do

We train young people to develop:

  • Leadership and team building skills and serve their communities thereby living a more productive life
  • Five levels of intelligences: instinctive, emotional, concrete mental, abstract mental and spiritual
  • Eight key virtues: discipline and constancy, will power and vitality, objectivity and practicality, benevolence, altruism, group consciousness, sacrifice and good health

How You Can Help

We are keen to build teams of volunteers in the Houston area and Chicago in USA as well as in Ecuador, India, the Philippines and Italy who will assist us with:

  • Organizing events
  • Celebrating Youth Day with us
  • Raising awareness of our programs
  • Creating networks
  • Sponsoring programs for youth

Our experience and Testimonials

  • We have offered this program successfully to middle school students in Italy. Here is what one of them says about it:
    “To me, this project is very important. It helps people overcome difficult situations and improve their quality of life. It relaxes rejuvenates and helps us learn better, leaving us more free time.”
    – Erika, student

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