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where you can heal imbalances at all levels of health – physical, vitality, emotional and mental

Program rationale:

An estimated 1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to the most basic levels of healthcare. The reality for the vast majority of poor people in both developing and developed countries is that public services are unavailable or unaffordable. Even in areas where community health centers have been constructed, many are staffed inadequately. Each year, 100 million people are pushed into poverty by the need to pay for healthcare. At the present rate, some regions will be able to provide for minimum essential needs only by 2108.

Even in the USA, it was estimated in 2010 that approximately 50 million people (16.3 percent) went without health insurance. A study published in August 2008 in Health Affairs found that covering this population would increase national spending on health care by $122.6 billion, or represent a 5% increase in health care spending, equivalent to 0.8% of the country’s GDP.

Another study published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2009 found that “[u]ninsurance is associated with mortality.” It estimated that lack of insurance in the USA is associated with 45,000 deaths annually ( or one person every 12 minutes).

More specifically, diseases such as Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, circulatory disorders, infections, pain, etc. are commonly experienced globally. The rate by which these diseases are causing deterioration in the human body and affecting the quality life of sick people is higher than the speed of recovery that the current solutions are delivering. There are not many effective solutions which can heal physical, emotional and mental diseases from their roots and causes. All of these risks are preventable and account for approximately 80% of global deaths.

Target Population

Disadvantaged people of all ages experiencing diseases, or health imbalances. Priority groups include school teachers/educators, parents, elderly populations, veterans, women’s groups, the unemployed, social workers, nurses/caregivers, employees from non profit organizations.

What We Do

Our services provide effective solutions to improve quality of life, health and wellbeing at various levels. Thus, the program tackles the causes of rapid deterioration in the human body by accelerating the rate of recovery. It uses pioneering solutions to improve quality life of sick and troubled people.

Our techniques address health imbalances from their root causes and put dignity back into people’s lives. They include: skills-based training programs, exercises, visualizations, breathing and rejuvenation techniques.

These techniques are preventive and corrective and can be easily learned, adapted and applied in low-income settings anywhere in the world. Over the past two decades, they have been successfully applied to counter several health imbalances and improve the quality of life of people from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

They have also been applied successfully among seniors in India, Philippines, Colombia and Ecuador.

How You Can Help

We are keen to build teams of volunteers in Houston (USA), Manila (Philippines), Quito (Ecuador) and New Delhi (India) who will assist us with:

  • Organizing events
  • Raising awareness of our programs
  • Creating networks
  • Sponsoring seminars
  • Sponsoring trainees to become certified wellLIFE specialists

Sponsorship opportunities:

According to the experience of our certified wellLIFE specialists in Asia, 10 graduates (5 teams) can positively impact the lives of 6,000 people each year. Given below are various sponsorship opportunities that you can choose from:

  • Sponsor the training of a wellLIFE specialist for 3 months: USD 5,000
  • Sponsor the certification of a wellLIFE specialist for 6 months. This will improve the quality of life of 500+ people in the community : USD 10,000
  • Sponsor a free seminar for 1000 people: USD 5,000
  • Sponsor 50% of the cost of training a wellLIFE specialist PLUS probono coaching/healing services for 3 months: USD 10,000
  • Sponsor a Certified wellLIFE Specialist and Trainer PLUS 6 months pro-bono services. This will improve the quality of life of 1000+ people in the community: USD 20,000
  • Free distribution of books, CDs and DVDs to 500 / 1000/ 2500 people: USD 5,000/ 10,000/25,000
  • Nurturing Option: Contribute any amount towards the training and certification of wellLIFE Specialists or probono services given by them

Client Testimonials

  • Client lost weight
    I was overweight and diagnosed with cholesterol problems a year ago. After several healing sessions, and doing the exercises, my blood pressure normalizes. I am excited that I have been able to lose weight and now follow a low cholesterol diet.
  • Lower back pain eased
    After two healings, I felt relaxed and much lighter. The pain in my lower back eased. The exercises helped me to feel energized.
  • Blood pressure normalized
    After 2 or 3 days of continuous healing, the doctors found that my blood
    pressure had normalized. I was healed of stress and hypertension.
  • Psoriasis improved
    For a year, I had an itchy and scaly scalp. I was diagnosed with psoriasis
    and prescribed a special shampoo. After 10 healing sessions, my scalp has
    improved. The flaking and are redness have cleared.
  • Client experienced deeper meaning in life after healing sessions
    During the first session, I felt disconnected from the outer world. I experienced peace of mind and felt relieved from the stress and tiredness of everyday life. As we continued with the healing sessions, my energy started to increase. I started to see the true meaning of life. Before then I was lazy and always procrastinated. Now I live my life with a deeper sense of purpose.
  • Eyesight improved
    After the healing sessions, the swelling and irritation in my eyes has gone. I am still doing the exercises to stay healthy.
  • Sleep improved
    I felt good after the healing sessions. I now sleep better and am able to relax. I also feel lighter. Thanks for the healing and advice.

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