Compassion Fatigue

Program rationale:

TEDMED has declared Compassion Fatigue or the ‘caregiving crisis’ as the second most important health and medical issue in the USA in 2012. This crisis affects both caregivers and the populations served by them, affecting their quality of life and threatening their economic viability.

The current system focuses on tests, diagnosis and medications that are often too expensive, not readily available, or can cause serious side effects.

The MDP Foundation (MDPF) offers a paradigm shift in the prevention and treatment of Compassion Fatigue. We have developed a unique, multi-disciplinary package of services designed to bring fast, effective, and low-cost solutions among service-oriented organizations and their staff to improve their wellness and manage their Compassion Fatigue.

Target Population: Caregivers, social workers, and their organizations

What We Do

We work directly with caregivers and their organizations to improve the health of counselors, community and field workers. Services include training, coaching and mentoring to improve their behaviors in areas such as burnout, stress and fatigue management, sleep quality, and depression. They also receive training to expand and manage their energy capacity so they can improve their health and achieve high performance both personally and professionally. This system is proven, effective and offers a multi-disciplinary approach.

How You Can Help

We are keen to build teams of volunteers in the Houston area and Chicago in USA, in Ecuador, India and the Philippines to assist us with:

  • Organizing events
  • Celebrating World Servers Day with us
  • Raising awareness of our program
  • Creating networks
  • Sponsoring healing seminars


“Before attending the Compassion Fatigue Solutions program, our caregivers were stressed, tired and overwhelmed. After the event they felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the day. The exercises and breathing techniques were easy to follow. I highly recommend that companies and organizations bring in MDP Foundation for their employees and staff. I am truly grateful to MDP Foundation for what it has done for my agency and the local community.”
– S.S., Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County

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