Training NGOs in Houston Compassion Fatigue techniques
“Invest not only in your financial life, but also in your total well-being”
Master Del Pe
Training incarcerated women in Houston in stress management
“Meditation is a tool for greater develop- ment and service. How you use that tool is what matters most”
Master Del Pe
“Flower and bear fruit where you are planted and spread your seeds around”
Master Del Pe

Health & Wellness wellLIFE Program

We offer solutions to improve quality of life, health and wellbeing at physical, emotional and mental levels. Our program tackles the root causes of rapid deterioration in the human body by accelerating the rate of recovery.

Compassion Fatigue Program

We have developed a unique, multi-disciplinary package of services designed to bring fast, effective, and low-cost solutions among caregivers to improve their wellness and manage their Compassion Fatigue.

Violence Prevention Program

We offer a pioneering and transformational program to help people affected by violence, abuse and addiction to maintain their vitality, emotional and mental balance.

HIV/AIDS Research Program (HARP)

We train health workers and care givers in energy healing techniques to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs).

Youth Empowerment Program

This breakthrough program empowers young people to maximize their potential and live their greatest life! It trains them in life-skills, develops their intelligences and virtues.

Incoming Programs

These include programs where retirees can pool their skills and experience in different fields and where the planet and its ecosystem can be cared.

The MDP Foundation is a US-based non-sectarian and non-political 501(c)(3) public charity. Our mission is to improve quality of life and advance human consciousness through education and life skills development by synthesizing the best of eastern and modern philosophies. We provide practical training and life coaching to professionals, families, youth and service organizations.